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As representatives of MRA, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our website. MRA has developed this website to serve its membership as well as the disability community in Michigan and beyond. We have placed an emphasis on information and links that we believe are relevant to the association and its activities and hope that you find what you are looking for and perhaps something new that you didn’t expect. As with any good website, it is a work in progress, meaning that it will be updated often with new information. Please visit, share your feedback, and make this a place that is relevant to your needs and interests.

2015 MRA president’s report

Once again, MRA is proud to sponsor (soon to be) and professionals in the field of disability to participate in local and national conferences

–              MRA was able to sponsor 5 students-2 from WMU, 3 from MSU, and 2 from Wayne for the Governmental Affairs conference in March, along with two of our own board members

–              MRA sponsored 3 members at the national Conference in Biloxi in October along with an MRA member who was receiving a National Award.

–              MRA in collaboration with MRCEA awarded 15 registration sponsorships to rehab counseling students for RE:CON

Michigan remains active in the Great Lakes Region board. Currently, 2 of MRA’s past presidents and another MRA board member hold executive board positions for Great Lakes. This allows us to work closely with our neighboring states, and stay abreast of any regional issues. GLR board representation gives MRA increased access to the NRA board.

In 2015, the MRA board experimented with new meeting formats. One meeting was moved to the east side of the state with the assistance of Detroit area board members and MDRC. Another meeting allowed members to participate in an informational session from Amy Maes on the history of the ADA in recognition of the 25th anniversary.

Michigan board members continue to have an active voice in requesting transparency from national leadership and will likely continue to make the entire MRA membership proud in these endeavors.