Metropolitan Detroit Rehabilitation Association (MDRA) includes the following areas: Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, St. Clair , Washtenaw and  Wayne. (If you live in the 7 county area and you are a member of MRA, you are automatically a member of MDRA.)


Enhance the rehabilitation community in the seven county area by promoting and sponsoring relevant educational experiences and by fostering networking among professionals and students to support quality and effective rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities.

Michigan president: Venita King

Goals as identified in bylaws :

  • Promote the  general cause of rehabilitation for persons with disabilities and the disadvantaged
  • To provide an opportunity for discussion of problems with disabilities and disadvantaged
  • To cooperate with all agencies, disciplines and individuals concerned with personal, physical, and vocational welfare of persons with disabilities and the disadvantaged
  • Foster Rehabilitation through Education, through the sponsorship of meetings seminars and training opportunities
  • To initiate promote and support legislation to assist with the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and disadvantaged
  • To promote the objectives and policies of the MRA and encourage participation in its activities

MDRA annually  sponsors the following:

  • Training related to a disability relevant topic
  • The Fred Howes Scholarship, which granted to a Wayne State University Student who has disability or who is studying in the field of  Rehabilitation
  • The Shelton Westerman Award, which recognizes a person who has distinguished themselves by their contributions to the field of rehabilitation.
  • Annual Colloquial meet and greet